April 23, 2011


Saturday April 30th- Sunday May 1st 

A survival skills building weekend organized by Alyse Emdur and Michael Parker
The weekend will kick off at A-Z West with a hands-on workshop introducing solar oven designs, histories, and methods. A step-by-step zine will help guide us through the process of constructing our own solar ovens. Afterward, dancer/choreographer Flora Wiegmann will teach choreography stemming from safety and survival movements in the high desert landscape. And on Saturday afternoon, Aaron Freeman and Tyler Nathan will demystify the corporatization of distillation, both for liquor and fuel. A solar dinner will be served followed by home made beers, wines and liquors.
On Sunday, after the fanciest solar oatmeal breakfast imaginable, we will have the extraordinary opportunity to tour Aaron and Ronda Mueller’s completely off-the-grid lifestyle in a boulder oasis high above Pioneertown. Think soft footprints, gardens, composting toilets, solar cells, and interlocking yurts. We will conclude with an in-depth Q&A.
  Weekend Itinerary:  Saturday April 30th 
 12:00-2:30           How to Build a Solar Oven with Alyse Emdur and Michael Parker

3:00-4:00             Safety and Survival Movements with Flora Wiegmann

 4:30-6                  Distilling with Aaron Freeman and Tyler Nathan

 7:00                     Solar Dinner

 8:00                     Home-made beers, wines and liquors from Tyler and Aaron at AZ West

Sunday May 1st 

 9:00                     Solar Oatmeal (yes, it will be ready by 9!)

 9:30 Caravan to Ronda and Aaron Mueller’s home (about 25 miles from downtown Joshua Tree)

 10:15-12:30 Homestead tour of Ronda and Aaron’s completely off-the-grid living in a boulder oasis high      

                            above Pioneertown

 The cost is $120 per person for the weekend that includes all workshops, Saturday snacks, Saturday dinner/drinks, and Sunday breakfast. All proceeds are used to cover event materials, expenses, and a small honorarium for the speakers. 


 Due to the intimate nature of this event the group will be limited to twelve people. No application is needed, but spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis.  If you would like to enroll please email info.hdts@gmail.com  – you will be emailed instructions so that you can pay via Paypal, the first 12 people who pay will be signed up for the course.



A limited amount of campsites are available on Zittel’s property, and can be pre-arranged with the host on a first come, first serve basis.  Alternately, camping in Joshua Tree National Park or staying in a local hotel are excellent options. For lodging recommendations please visit the HDTS website’s Directions page.

For updates and event listings for future incarnations of The New Everyday Life email us at info.hdts@gmail.com


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